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HYSAN Software for HYdraulic System ANalysis


HYSAN is one of the most effective hydraulic simulation packages available. A must have design tool for all fluid power engineers and designers.  The HYSAN result - Efficient hydraulic system design. Fluid power and Computer Aided Design (CAD) meet.


HYSAN offers dynamic simulation of Hydraulic systems. This innovative software provides dynamic simulation capability to hydraulic designers at any stage of the design process: component development, system design concept, modeling new systems with existing components, or troubleshooting field problems. Modeling elements are applicable to any hydraulic hardware.


HYSAN calculates the non-linear time response of hydraulic components and systems. The graphic interface and built-in equation generator make this an easy-to-use package. Transient response plots and tabulated data of pressures, flows, forces, accelerations, velocities, displacements ...


With HYSAN software you can quickly predict and easily optimize design performance, stability, and energy efficiency before machining and assembly. Reduce your product lead-time and Research & Development costs. HYSAN provides dynamic simulation of hydraulic components and systems to obtain predictions of time response, performance, and stability. Output consists of transient response plots and tabulated data of pressures, accelerations, velocities, displacements, forces, flows, etc.

HYSAN Software

Model Creation


Interactive, graphic model construction

  • Take elements from the ToolBox
  • Connect them on the diagram
  • Define element properties

Extensive element library includes: 

  • Orifices, Areas, Lines, Volumes, Masses, Pistons
  • Pump Motors, Flow Forces, Accumulators, Dampers
  • Springs, Viscous Drag, Gears, Levers...  

Multiple fluid regions

Popular fluid properties provided

Option for user-defined fluids 

Curves may be used as element properties

Rigid Body Dynamics with Hydraulic Interactions, Loads & Controls



Differential Equations automatically generated and solved 

Integration method is fast and reliable 

Non-linear Time Response of the system equations 

Non-linear Frequency Response solution for amplitude & phase shift 

Numerical Methods effectively handle discontinuities



Plots as the solution advances 

X and Y axis are user defined 

Automatic or User defined plot scaling 

Set a Baseline and easily compare results 

Trace results of the plotted curves 

View Element Results on the diagram 

Set Initial Conditions at any solution point

Key Benefits


  • Quickly predict and easily tune performance, and stability  
  • Optimize energy efficiency before machining and assembly  
  • Reduce product lead time and Research & Development costs  
  • Dynamic Simulation in an easy to use, cost effective package



  • Fast graphic functions  
  • On-line Documentation  
  • Complete analysis documentation  
  • Dynamic Simulation in an easy to use, cost effective package

Element Library

Any hydra-mechanical system can be modeled by graphically assembling the basic elements in HYSAN. This toolbox shows the graphic elements you can use to create models including volumes, orifices, areas, lines, masses, pump motors, pistons, etc.

The extensive HYSAN Element Library contains:  

  • Red Hydraulic Elements
  • Green Translational Elements
  • Yellow Rotational Elements
  • Blue Functions 
  • Rigid Body Elements 
  • Multi-colored Elements     

The Multi-colored elements represent the association between the Hydraulic, Translational, and Rotational elements.     

The Library and Figure elements provide access to assembled groups of elements for: 

  • ISO valve configurations 
  • Slider crank 
  • Check Valves 
  • Solenoid forces 
  • Additional Components    

Your own groups of elements can be stored as a file and retrieved for repeated utilization.


HYSAN Software License Prices

HYSAN® is available only from Hydrasoft® Corporation.

HYSAN Software Training

For a cohesive knowledge base and cost efficiency, it is most effective to schedule attendees for training courses on consecutive days.

Consulting Services

HYSAN Consulting Services

Hydrasoft Corporation provides on-site and on-line consulting services using HYSAN software for modeling and predicting hydraulic system response. Personalized service is customized to meet your specific hydraulic / mechanical design, modeling, manufacturing, and system requirements.        

A practical solution to improve stability or performance is the goal. This work can be directed towards initial or concept designs, field fixes, or manufacture problems. This service is for your specific design, modeling, manufacturing, and system requirements.

Key Benefits 

  • Get a jump start on your HYSAN model design 
  • Work through designs to improve stability and performance 
  • Evaluate design changes


Consulting Services are $800 per day plus travel expenses




What is the purpose of HYSAN Software?

HYSAN provides dynamic simulation of hydraulic components and systems to obtain predictions of time response, stability, and performance. Output consists of transient response plots or tabulated data of pressures, flows, displacements, velocities, accelerations, forces, etc.

What kinds of systems can be analyzed with HYSAN?

HYSAN is not directed toward a specific system, but any hydraulic, mechanical system can be modeled by assembling the basic elements from the extensive HYSAN element library.

What are the units of measurement in the software?

HYSAN provides three sets of traditional English and three sets of Metric units, as well as, Custom units. Conversions between the various sets of units are also provided.

How accurate is HYSAN?

The accuracy obtained using HYSAN is best characterized by first establishing whether the modeling elements mathematically represent the physical system, and secondly, the ability to define the parameters of the model. When these conditions are met, HYSAN obtains good physical numbers. When the modeling elements do not accurately describe the physical system, then HYSAN will obtain the correct mathematical solution, but poor physical answers.

Is Training available?

Yes, there are three 1-day training courses, Introductory HYSAN Training, Modeling Hydraulic Systems in HYSAN, and Electronic Controls and Tuning in HYSAN. Course description and pricing are provided on the HYSAN Corporation Services page. Consulting service is also offered.

What is ME&S?

ME&S stands for Maintenance, Enhancements, and Support. HYSAN software comes with the first year’s ME&S included. This includes phone and written support. Enhanced versions are sent at no additional cost. After the first year, this service is extended for an annual fee.

About Us


The Hydrasoft Corporation provides simulation services to the hydraulic industry, develops and licenses the HYSAN software product. HYSAN software is used to model and predict component and system behavior. HYSAN software is used exclusively by Hydrasoft Corporation consulting services. Hydrasoft Corporation was incorporated in 1984.


The first Version of HYSAN was implemented over 30 years ago on an Apple IIE computer running on an 8 bit Z80 chip. Since then, Hydrasoft Corporation has responded to the advances in the hardware and systems, while continually improving the HYSAN software and maintaining an easy to use, intuitive, user interface.


HYSAN’s element library is comprehensive and at the same time clear and easy to use. The element library analysis is well founded and based on the original work of Bernoulli, Newton, Reynolds, Fourier, Laplace, Darcy and Moody. The element library offers excellent analysis capabilities to model Hydraulic, Mechanical motion systems, and combined with the fast reliable and solid numerical methods, makes it one of the most effective hydraulic simulation packages available.

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